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1. Pieces in bog wood

Bog wood is timber that has lain undisturbed beneath a blanket of peat for thousands of years. Its dark and timeworn beauty bears the imprint of Ireland's ancient past.


2. Work in Irish yew

Venerated by the Celts as the tree of life and rebirth, the yew is reputed to be the oldest living tree in the world as it can regrow from its old root structure. Associations with mythology, folklore and magic are legion.


3. Pieces in Irish hardwood

I delight in 'imperfections of nature'—tales of trial and endurance written in the timber of our native hardwood trees that find expression in the finished work.


4. Textured & carved pieces

These turner pieces in various timbers have been enlivened by the application of texture and colour. For me each one represents an adventure in shape and form.